Aug 6th Β· 1–5 PM

Live Music Β· Block Party Β· Central Tacoma

What is Porchfest?

Porchfest is a free, walkable music festival where front porches become musical stages for one magical afternoon.

Music, food & fun!

Wander around and catch music from Set 1 (1:00–2:30 PM) and Set 2 (3:30–5:00 PM) or post up in a camp chair at the Main Stage (1:00–5:00 PM) in the Unity of South Sound Church parking lot for ongoing music & food trucks.

Walk, bike or roll in the community Parade, leaving from the Ferry St Community Garden at 2:30 PM.

Get the event guide β†—
A map of Central Tacoma; from West to East: Alder St. to Sprague Ave; from North to South: 6th Ave to 12th St.

Support the bands!

We are all volunteers making this happen, we need your help to pay Porchfest performers.

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This year’s Porchfest line-up

Check out the mix of artists on the line-up β€” Tacoma has so much talent to share.
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Set 1 (1:00–2:30 PM)

  1. 613 S Trafton: Smokey Wonder (World Beats/Electronic/Hip-Hop) β€” Instagram
  2. 2025 S 7th:
    • Robuck & Co (Alternative Folk/Rock) β€” Demo
    • Hot Rush (Alternative Rock) β€” Website
  3. 644 S Trafton:
    • Constanza (Hardcore) β€” Website
    • KAIZO (Hardcore Metal) β€”
    • Blame You (Hardcore/Noise/Metalcore)
  4. 2216 S 8th: Henry Hagen Band (Indie, Alternative Rock) β€” Website
  5. 821 S Trafton:
    • Fantastic Flying Foelsch (Metal) β€” Bandcamp
    • battlestations! (Post-Hardcore) β€” Spotify
  6. 831 S Prospect:
    • Ryan the Angel of Steele
    • JointOps (Rap/Hip Hop) β€” SoundCloud
  7. 821 S Steele:
    • KaleTron (Electronic) β€” SoundCloud
    • N. Dybevik
  8. 1033 S Steele: Innocent Civilians (Ambient/Noise/Indie Rock) β€” Bandcamp
  9. 1002 S Ferry: Eduardo (Organ Favorites)
  10. 1002 S Sprague: Chase Willett (Folk, Americana) β€” Website
  11. 1021 S State: The Meghanne Storey Project (Folk with a 90s grunge twist) β€” Website
  12. 1025 S State:
    • Uncle Drum Hands (Pop/Folk/Experimental)
    • Man on TV (Funk Rock/Improv/Disco Influences)
  13. 1030 S State: Knifetooth (Acoustic Rock/Indie Pop) β€” Bandcamp
  14. 1031 S State: Billy’s Universe (Folk/Pop/Emo) β€” Bandcamp
  15. 3002 6th (Mary Mart): KTQA LP FM 95.3 (Radio Station) (Variety) β€” Website

Main Stage (Church Lot)

Church lot located at 710 S Anderson

  • 1:00 β€ŠPM: Guided Lilly (Blues, Pop, Rock) β€” Website
  • 3:00 β€ŠPM:
    • Sticks and Bones (Marching Brand) β€” Demo
    • Tacomarama (Community Street Band) β€” Website
    • Burnout Brass Band (Gay bar sing-alongs, anti-fascist anthems) β€” Website
  • 4β€Š:00 PM: Sweet Jane & The John Does (Blues, Americana) β€” Instagram

Set 2 (3:30–5:00 PM)

  1. 3002 6th (Mary Mart): KTQA LP FM 95.3 (Radio Station) (Variety) β€” Website
  2. 619 S Oakes: Sun Atoms (Neo-Psychedelic Electro Rock) β€”
  3. 2918 S 7th:
    • TaytorsPrecious (Experimental/Instrumental/Ambient) β€”
    • Broken Rain (Ambient/Techno) β€” Bandcamp
  4. 2910 S 7th: Jay Mabin & Friends (Jazz)
  5. 2809 S 8th: Monaco (Electronic, Progressive House) β€” SoundCloud
  6. 2907 S 8th:
    • Brittany Danielle (Retro Pop) β€” Website
    • KrazyKats (Folk/pop blues) β€” Demo
  7. 802 S Junett: Plaid Lion (Jazz/Blues/LoFi Indie Rock) β€” Website
  8. 808 S Anderson:
    • Sanatorium Hill (Folk/Protest/Folk Punk) β€” Bandcamp
    • Bailey Ukulele (Folk Punk, Acoustic Ska Punk) β€” Website
  9. 818 S Anderson: Jakob Jess Band (Acoustic/Folk) β€” YouTube
  10. 820 S Anderson:
    • Bibi Bordeaux (Jazz/Modern Pop in Jazz Style) β€” Instagram
    • Esther & Ben (Jazz/Swing)
  11. 830 S Anderson: Jeremy and friends (Jazz) β€” Website
  12. 831 S Anderson: Gavin Guss & Jenny Cravens (Folk-a-rock-a-boom) β€” Website
  13. 923 S Junett:
    • Bread & Roses Chorus (Folk, Americana) β€” Website
    • The Window Smashing Job Creators (Jazz/Folk/Punk/Klezmer) β€” Bandcamp
  14. 1008 S Junett: Enuft
  15. 1015 S Pine:
    • Nicci & the Homo(sapian) Joes (Contemporary Folk, Rock)
    • Victoria Fragoso (Indie Folk) β€” Website
  16. 1115 S Pine: Luck Bug (Alternative Rock)
  17. 1016 S Anderson: DJ Lauren VonDeadly
  18. 1155 S Oakes: Nicole Blair (Americana Originals/Covers) β€” Bandcamp