Accessibility Statement

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This statement was derived from the A11Y Project, which is licensed under APLv2.

The standard we adhere to

Tacoma Porchfest strives to be Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG) AA compliant. The WCAG is an open standard for determining accessibility. AA compliance is considered good support for a website geared towards a global audience.

Accessibility features

In addition to semantic HTML, these features are set up specifically to work with assistive technology:

  • Distinct, descriptive page titles.
  • Ordered headings to construct a logical document flow.
  • Landmark areas to describe overall sections of the page.
  • Unique, descriptive names for links, buttons, and other interactive controls.
  • Skiplinks have been placed to help people navigate past content that repeats from page to page.
  • Alternative descriptions for non-text content.
  • Titles for content embedded via iframe elements.
  • Removing repetitive, redundant links to the same destination from the Accessibility Tree.
  • Small amounts of ARIA to help address gaps in assistive technology support.

If you find an issue

If you discover an accessibility-related issue, please let us know. We take these issues extremely seriously and will fix them as quickly as possible.

You can submit an issue by sending us an email. Thank you for helping us improve the site for everyone!